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The Second Annual Pre-Valentine’s Day Grand Central Challenge

Saturday, February 9th, 11:00 am


Punky’s Bar and Grill


Old Key West Bar

Teams will compete to fulfill challenges at restaurants, bars, and other businesses in our beloved Grand Central Business District.

After check-in and orientation (and drinks!) at Punky's, your team will receive a location clue. Prove you’ve arrived at the location and that all team members have a drink (alcoholic or not, at your discretion), and then the judge will give you your challenge. All challenges include public silliness. Complete the challenge and you’ll receive the next location clue. Each team will be assigned ten challenges.

Our wonderful sponsors Joel Schmitz CPA


Remember for groups, three to six people!!!!  If you want to register for yourself you can just put one name & we will add you to a team.

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